"Stop beating yourself up. You are a work in progress - which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once."
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i cant wait to see 21 pilots on their quite violent tour

Even when my eyeliner’s bad, it’s still pretty good

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advice for freshman?


  • do not stand in the middle of a hallway/block the way during class changes. some people have a far way to travel and can’t be late.
  • literally just be fucking quiet okay there is no reason to be screaming 24/7 alright i promise your friends will still hear you if you talk in a normal voice.
  • pay attention in class as much as you can and do your homework. i know there are some classes you don’t like or you would rather talk to friends but it is worth it. if you pay attention at least 70% of the time and give half a shit you will be fine. 
  • if there is material in a class you don’t understand, ask your teacher about it. if they don’t have time, ask someone who has already taken the class. it can be hard to do if you’re shy but there’s no point in taking a class if you don’t plan on at least trying to do good in it.
  • there are trashcans around campus for a reason. please do not throw stuff on the ground or someone will shove you in a trashcan if they’re tired of you being a little shit. i’ve seen it happen and every time it is because someone deserves it.
  • you can customize your schedule all you want so take your core classes and pick electives that you’ll enjoy walking into every day.
  • if you KNOW you can handle course material, take the class. don’t just do something else because you know it’s easy. all of the extra work you will do will help you in future classes.
  • nobody likes the idiot who has to ask for paper or a pencil every single day. try to always have what you need with you in class. classmates will give you supplies occasionally but don’t expect to rely on your teachers for basic supplies that you should have with you.
  • you’re not gonna be friends with 98% of the people you did in middle school. a lot of them won’t even bat an eye at you on the first day. maybe you’ll stick with someone the first week but there are so, so many little groups of friends in high school. try to branch out and find new people.
  • people who try so hard to fit in are always the fakest people with the fakest friends. be who you are and you will find people that adore you.
  • all of that popularity stuff in 90s teen movies really doesn’t happen. nobody cares. seriously. nobody cares about anybody but themselves and maybe a friend or two. even those friends that you make will come and go. 
  • don’t let boys treat you like shit. i can guarantee you’re gonna meet a ton of ‘perfect’ guys but most of them will pretend to be amazing and actually be total trash. don’t take shit from them.
  • everything about high school really sucks. just try to make the best of it because it gets less shitty each year. and please love yourselves by skipping out on pep rallies. hiding in a hallway or bathroom with friends is way better than being in a room with a bunch of screaming people.

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Just another lake photo


William Beckett ‘Oh, Love!’ Hand-painted 5x8” Canvas




"to protect and serve"

i cant fucking believe this shit.